If you’re a regular connoisseur of Week En Review, you have read opinion essays written by members of our spokesperson team. Or maybe you’ve read their thoughts on Twitter, heard them speak on a podcast or the news, seen them testify at a Congressional hearing, or met them at an event. This band of dedicated EcoRight volunteers started off small, blossomed to pass 20 and going into 2020, we have 30 spokespeople from all regions of the U.S. and all walks of life. Are names like Chris Casey, John Sweeney, Rouzy Vafaie, and Tyler Gillette household names for you yet? They are for me.

We’d like to highlight the newest members of the gang. May their names soon be synonymous with other great EcoRight leaders.

Cindy Burbank (left, with cute dog, name unknown) is a life-long Conservative with a Libertarian streak, holds an economics degree from Georgetown, served in the Federal government for 30 years, and did private sector consulting on climate change for 10 years. Now retired and living in Warrenton, VA, she is a volunteer with CCL and RepublicEn, advocating for carbon fee and dividend as the best choice for Conservatives concerned about climate change.

Sarah Styf (bottom right) is a high school English teacher and yearbook adviser in the Houston area. When she’s not lesson planning, grading, or revising yearbook pages, she enjoys biking, running, reading, writing, and camping with her family. She spends her “free” time writing about camping, faith, family, and occasionally politics on her personal blog Accepting the Unexpected Journey.

As part of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley in the Central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Joy Loving (top right) works with other community members to increase awareness of the risks associated with the climate crisis. She communicates with legislators and with fellow citizens. She is a strong advocate for distributed solar.

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Trudy Heller, Ph.D. (bottom right) speaks and writes about climate action with the voice of an innovation enthusiast and scholar. A Wharton School alum and a former business school professor, she cheers the entrepreneurial, market-based solutions that the climate challenge inspires and that RepublicEn champions. For two decades she educated MBA students, business professionals and entrepreneurs to see opportunities in sustainability. Not previously active in politics, she is drawn to act now with her hopeful view that the climate challenge is one huge innovation extravaganza. Trudy lives in Colorado where she is a recent transplant from Philadelphia.

Alison L Steele (bottom left) is the director of community programs and advocacy at Conservation Consultants Inc, a non-profit organization that promotes healthy, high-performing homes for residents of the greater Pittsburgh area. She has worked in the energy efficiency field since 2011, after completing a bachelor’s degree in physics and an MBA in sustainable business practices. Outside of work, Alison gardens, runs marathons, and writes a blog on sustainable living.

Larry Linenschmidt (top right) is the founder and CEO of a faith based non-profit in Austin, Texas. His focus is on faith and culture issues, including creation care, science, art, and business. He hosts a radio program and podcast, Hill Country Institute Live. Larry was formerly a banker, a consultant to banks, and an entrepreneur.

Mary Anna Mancuso (top left) is a political strategist and the founder of Politicalhype.com, a conservative blog focusing on Florida and National politics from a Millennial perspective. Mancuso has extensive political campaign experience both on the state and national level. She provides on camera political analysis for various news outlets both locally and nationally. Mancuso’s background is in American politics with a focus on elections and voting behavior as well as International Relations with a focus on American foreign policy and Middle Eastern politics. She has worked at the New York Bureau of Fox News and NBC-Universal. In 2009 Mancuso worked as the Deputy Communications Director for the Republican Party of Virginia where she launched their digital platform for the state party.

Carter Harrison (center with unnamed fish) is a senior at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, where he is pursuing degrees in Political Science and Economics. He spent most of his formative years in Southeastern Georgia but has also lived in Texas, California, and Florida. When he is not spending his time studying, he can usually be found outside. Carter loves to fly fish, hike, hammock, and climb – all of which can be done just minutes away from his campus. While at Utah State, Carter has completed internships with members of Utah’s Congressional delegation and has worked at a small environmental policy think tank called Strata Policy. These experiences have instilled in him a passion for politics and the environment. As a soon-to-be-graduate, he looks forward to using his experiences to help promote the ideas in the climate debate.

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Currently a sophomore at Syracuse University studying political science, Brendan Carducci (left) is the Acting Vice-Chairman of the College Republicans at Syracuse University. He has served on numerous state-level campaigns, including a race for Governor. Originally from Glastonbury, Connecticut, he hopes to lead the next generation of conservatives who aim to tackle the issues presented by climate change.

Davis George Moye (center) is founder and lead engineer at Moye Consultants, where he develops energy storage and electrochemical technologies for commercialization. Prior to his vast experience working in energy storage, Dr. Moye served on the environmental and energy staff of former Governor Rick Scott of Florida. Previously, he served on active duty in the US Navy. He is a lieutenant commander in the Navy Reserve, a licensed attorney, and a project management professional.

An RN working as a travel nurse, Elizabeth Moser’s (right) job gives her the opportunity to travel the country and meet people from many walks of life. She once studied under one of the top coastal climate change experts in the nation. She embraces conservative values and believes climate change should not be a partisan issuWe have high hopes for the entire team and hope to share their good work throughout 2020 and beyond.

Are you from Idaho or Western Michigan? We are looking for spokespeople from your neck of the woods! Email me, if you are interested. In the meantime, welcome our newest super volunteers and wish them the best.