We’re at the halfway point in the week. What’s caught our eye so far this week?

Why This Republican Mayor Spoke at Bernie Sanders’s Climate Town Hall We’ve featured the work of Georgetown, Texas Mayor Dale Ross to convert his town to run 100 percent on renewable energy. Check out this interview with City Lab. Favorite quote: “My hope is that we will all remember that we’re Americans first, and the party comes second.”

Republicans are losing on climate issues. We can change that. (The Hill) republicEn.org friend and ally Alex Flint, executive director for Alliance for Market Solutions, writes in this opinion piece, “In this new landscape, Republicans are left with a choice: we can either continue to allow the Democrats’ monopoly on climate policy to go unchallenged, ensuring Republicans will be caricatured as environmental obstructionists in future elections, or we can make a play to seize control of the debate by offering our own conservative ideas.”

Conservatives need a shift to win back disengaged voters. (Charleston City Paper) republicEn.org Spokesperson Rouzy Vafaie writes “What is the Republican strategy for longevity if we’re losing voters under 45, minorities, and women? There’s only one solution: start talking about issues we’ve surrendered to Democrats and come up with conservative solutions.”

Bonus: a picture of Rouzy with outgoing Rep. Mark Sanford. Have a great day.