Happy Wednesday! We interrupt scheduled programming to bring you a few fun newsy items from the EcoRight.

For your listening pleasure: “I was wrong before. Climate change is real.” So said Bob Inglis when he had his climate epiphany. Listen to more in this Ways and Means podcast episode, How parenthood affects climate change skeptics. Bob puts on his “parent glasses” in his reflection on how he changed his mind on climate change.

For your reading pleasure: Spokesperson David Rokeach published an opinion essay in the Albany Times Union, Stefanik can champion climate action for GOP in which he suggests perhaps Rep. Elise Stefanik will be the Congresswoman from New York who leads us to climate action. “It’s about time elected officials show that there doesn’t need to be a gap between conservation and conservatism,” David writes. “The best chance for climate action to happen is for someone on the right (read: Stefanik) to champion a counterproposal to the Green New Deal.”

Carry on with your week!