Happy 2020!

We all had a nice little break and in the meantime, I was saving up all the google alerts in my inbox so that I could bring you the best news you might have missed. These three stories floated to the top:

To lead, our friend and EcoRight ally Jim Tolbert (who also leads the Conservative Caucus for Citizens Climate Lobby) was published in The Hill with his essay Republicans came to the climate table this year. While sharing some of his favorite quotes and notable actions on the year, he writes: “I am encouraged that Republican leaders are working on an issue I hold as important. I find that I’m not alone—many other conservatives are concerned about the climate debt we’re passing on to our children, and their concern is showing up in public polling.” We agree, Jim!

The Advocate profiles Rep. Garret Graves, the Ranking Republican on the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, in this article, Louisiana Republican Garret Graves takes on key role in addressing climate change. “I think that somebody hijacked the Republican position on climate years ago,” Graves is noted as saying in a recent interview. “When you apply Republican principles to this issue, you get a different outcome. It is fiscally conservative to step in and carry out proactive mitigation efforts.” Read more about one of the GOP leaders on the issue.

And from the Boston Globe, For evangelicals, climate change causes a split between young and old that could hurt Republicans, which profiles a young evangelical and her political shift as well as the generational divide within the evangelical community where “young evangelicals find themselves caught where two political statistics collide. White evangelical Protestants are the most skeptical of any religious group about climate change, a recent poll found. But the overwhelming majority of young people believe climate change is happening and is caused by humans, according to the same poll.”

Here’s to a productive, awe-inspiring year of progress!