3 Questions for the EcoRight

September 2022

Each month, republicEn asks our members 3 questions to learn about the EcoRight community.

NIMBYNot In My Back Yard is an acronym that’s become popular over the last 40 years and describes the objections of people to having hazardous waste or other perceived unpleasantries (like a coal power plant) situated close to their neighborhoods. It’s become so commonplace it now even has its own political ideology, a.k.a. NIMBYism.

As clean, renewable energy moves forward to take center stage, it’s facing its own oxymoron: renewable energy takes up space, and we need infrastructure, like new transmission lines, to transport that renewable energy, but people are still declaring “NIMBY.”

Is this a problem needing to be solved? And if so, what’s the right way to approach it?

Reform is in the air. At republicEn, we want to hear from the EcoRight!

Our friends and policy experts at the R Street Institute helped in crafting September’s poll. R Street Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization with its heart rooted in the free market. Here are a few of their resources related to this month’s poll:

And one more recommended resource:

Please take 30 seconds and answer these 3 questions.

Thanks for your input!

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