While the official announcement on the fate of his campaign is set for Friday, Dr. Ben Carson’s statement that he didn’t see a “path forward” and was thus pulling from tonight’s GOP debate in Detroit leads us to believe it is time to bid the retired neurosurgeon farewell. At the risk of needing to retract (and perhaps later rerun) our retrospective, here is a glimpse of his climate change positioning:

Carson’s environmental position generally was grounded in his faith and belief that “responsible human beings must be concerned about our surroundings and what we will pass on to future generations.” He also believed that we should not “use climate change as an excuse not to develop our God-given resources.”

While known for being mild mannered, Carson had a testy climate exchange over the summer, retorting “gimme a break” when asked about climate. “I know there are a lot of people who say ‘overwhelming science,’ but then when you ask them to show the overwhelming science, they never can show it,” he added.

Toward the end of his run, he noted that environmental policy is too politicized and said that climate change “would not be the overarching driver of my policies” if elected president.