Long shot candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich withdrew from the presidential race today, clearing the path for Donald Trump to secure the GOP nomination. Kasich had pinned hopes on being an alternative to Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz at the convention this summer.

In true ClimateEye spirit, we would like to bid farewell to the Ohio governor by taking a look at the climate comments made along the course of his campaign.

Kasich consistently applied his faith to his belief in protecting the environment. “God created us, and part of our relationship is to be good managers and stewards to the rest of his creations,” he said.

He advocated for a balance between protecting the environment and growing the economy, saying the two goals “are not inconsistent with one another.”

“I do believe we contribute to climate change, but I don’t think it has to be either you are for some environmental stringent rules or you aren’t going to have any jobs. The fact is you can have both.”

As the Republican field of candidates dwindled, Kasich often struck comparisons between himself, Trump and Cruz. He labeled himself “the one Republican [presidential candidate] who believes there’s climate change.”

“I have very little doubt human beings have an impact,” he said in April.

We wish him well as he heads back to the Buckeye State.