Speaking at an event in New Hampshire, former Florida governor Jeb Bush emphasized to spectators that “global warming is real, the climate is changing… and man has had some impact on that.”

“I’m not a denier,” Bush said to applause. “I think conservatives lose ground when we don’t embrace technology and science. Why wouldn’t we want to embrace the things that enhance our lives?”

Bush detailed challenges faced by his hometown of Miami and the threat of sea level rise. “We should adapt… We should begin to plan over the long haul… What the world could look like if the sea level rose at what the expectation of it rising, which is in the inches. And that requires new growth management laws, it requires commitment to water supply.”

“The federal government should play a role both in research and development to identify the next disruptive technologies it could bring about for renewable energy, as well as they should be focused on providing support for communities as they adapt to the new reality of a changing climate.”

“I think that’s the rational place where there’s an intersection of common sense that left and right can agree on,” Bush concluded.