The bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus co-founded by Florida members Rep. Carlos Curbelo and Rep. Ted Deutch swelled to 34 members, 17 from each party. New members on the Republican side include California Rep. Darrell Issa, Rep. Rodney Davis from Illinois, and New Yorkers John Faso, Peter King and Tom Reed.

“Fiscal responsibility and good stewardship of our natural resources don’t have to be be mutually exclusive,” Issa said in a statement. “Coastal communities, like mine in Southern California, are counting on us to come up with solutions that encourage a strong and vibrant economy, while also ensuring we are taking care of our environment.” Davis said he sees the caucus as a way to “help ensure that as we discuss issues related to climate, we focus on solutions that are economically viable and recognize the progress we have already made.” Faso expressed his desire to work to, “mitigate the impacts of climate change so that we can pass on a clean environment and robust economy to the next generation.” King said bipartisan action will “not only improve our economy but alleviate the impacts of climate change and ensure America’s energy independence from violent and unpredictable regions” and Reed is looking to the caucus to “help foster a beneficial, bipartisan conversation on the climate issues we face.”

About the expansion, Curbelo said: “This caucus has such a diverse group of members and each brings unique perspectives to the table. We have a responsibility to our constituents and future generations to have productive discussions about market-based solutions, investments, and innovations that could mitigate the effects of climate change and make our nation more resilient.”?

The caucus has a “Noah’s Ark” rule and only admits bipartisan pairs of new members.