After barely missing last week’s honors, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt earned the climate jester hat for the week for his inconsistent comments on U.S. presence in the Paris Climate Agreement.

“Paris is something we need to look at closely. It’s something we need to exit in my opinion,” Pruitt said in an interview on the Fox & Friends news show. “It’s a bad deal for America. It’s an ‘America second, third or fourth’ kind of approach.”

This position puts Pruitt at odds with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The former head of ExxonMobil has indicated he supports U.S. participation in the global climate effort. The statement also puts him at odds with his own words. Just last week, the EPA head told Chris Wallace that international climate engagement “is very important” to “demonstrate the leadership that we have shown on this issue with China and India and other nations.”

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