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This week’s must read, from our own Bob Inglis and published in The Hill: Let free enterprise solve climate change (with the accountability only government can provide)

Bob writes:

Conservatives can dramatically improve President Bidens climate infrastructure package. By supplying the border-adjustable, carbon-pricing mechanism we can fulfill Americas destiny as the indispensable nation in solving climate change. Roads and bridges and charging stations are great, and the focus on environmental justice is crucial. Whats needed is a larger, worldwide vision that harnesses the power of free enterprise.

Be sure to read the entire essay.

EcoRight Speaks, season 2, episode 12, Dr. Tracey Holloway

Dr. Tracey Holloway is a joy.

A scientist before she was a mom, her work has taken on new meaning, particularly after a year spent helping her middle schooler with virtual school and homework. She got involved with Science Moms, a nonprofit that marries her two passions and strives to talk about climate change “in a normal way.” She believes in the power of making big ideas accessible, which is what Science Moms does, and I feel better about the world knowing Moms are on it because, frankly, we are powerful!

If you want to read more about Science Moms, this New Yorker story is very moving. Here’s an excerpt:

I asked why they thought this wasn’t already happening. “The biggest thing that I’ve found, talking to the women in my neighborhood, is they just don’t know,” [Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Melissa] Burt said. “They kind of have this inkling that something’s going on, but they don’t have much information.” According to [John] Marshall’s research, few Americans grasp the science behind climate change. Most people (sixty-six per cent) think it has something to do with plastics. Nearly half think it’s caused largely by the hole in the ozone layer. Burt recently spent about fifteen minutes explaining changes in mountain snowpack to some moms on her block. They seemed grateful for the tutorial. “They were, like, ‘Oh. Now I get it!’ ”

Go listen to the show and don’t forget to tune in next week for my conservation with retired journalist and Idaho salmon expert, Rocky Barker.

ICYMI: You can still catch a recording of our webinar on the Texas Energy Renaissance or, if you prefer the Cliff Notes, the presentation slides may be viewed here.

FERC issues carbon pricing statement: This week the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a policy statement on carbon pricing, which encourages regional power grid operators to incorporate state carbon pricing policies into their markets. This has been a priority for Commissioner Neil Chatterjee (a guest of the podcast in 2020) who called carbon pricing “an important market-based tool that can reduce emissions in an efficient and transparent manner.” Last year, then-President Trump “demoted” him from FERC Chairman to Commissioner over this issue. “Sometimes,” Chatterjee said, “leadership requires sticking your neck out in order to make progress on important goals.”

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