This week’s must read: On Environment and Energy, Trump Often Picks His Own Facts (Hey, I beat the NYT to the punch by about 15 months…)

Bonus reading: the Flake manifesto

It must be August… the eco-right is either on recess, vacation or melting in the heat.

Just add water (and solar and wind): The House Climate Solutions Caucus expanded again with the addition of Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA-39). He makes the 52nd member of the group of bipartisan pro-climate action lawmakers.

Hasta la vista, inaction: Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to rally against President Donald Trump’s climate change views. This week he unveiled a new initiative, a “digital environmental legislative handbook” for state and local officials to use to pass their own climate-related policies. “The message to legislators with the project is now ‘you have the power to do it yourselves,”’ he said. “The reality is each state now goes to work and passes great legislation that helps them…make great decisions.” The Governator cited “the situation with Trump” as a motivating factor in his decision to “show the kinds of wonderful things states can do without waiting for the federal government.”

That’s all we have this week. If you want to keep reading, here is the recipe I use for frose (go easy on the simple syrup). Hopefully a high level of activity next week will make up for this week’s lethargic news cycle.