This week in climate change, 195 nations negotiating in Paris signed an international climate change deal, which strives to limit the rise of average global temperatures to less than two degrees Celsius. In response, Dr. Ben Carson said that while he might have attended the negotiations, he does not think warming is a “premier issue in the world.”

Later in the week, Carson said, “I get a lot of questions about climate change and the Paris Accords…We have to care about the environment but we have to be reasonable.”

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio described the Paris outcome an “unfunny joke of a climate deal.” He went on to express doubt that China will fulfill its end of the bargain.

“This kind of unilateral disarmament in our economy is reckless, and it is hurting the American Dream,” Rubio added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, responding to the assertion that Republicans are “boxing themselves in” on social issues, said, “Ted Cruz denies that climate change is real, he attacks the science. I accept the science.”

“I just want a solution that’s more business friendly,” Graham added. “Young people are not wildly liberal. They’re in the middle of the road. They understand economic prosperity is not happening, and I think they’d be more open to conservatism.”

At the last Republican debate of 2015, held on December 15, no climate change questions were posed to the candidates.