Happy Three-Day Weekend Eve! I know I always say this (except in January) but time is flying! Monday is Presidents Day (shout out to George and Abe) and March is just a few weeks away. My daffodils are popping up despite the chilly temps, eager to show off their blooms.

This week’s must read: Rural America’s Young Conservatives Support Clean Energy (The Daily Yonder) In sharing recent polling that demonstrations how “young rural conservatives feel disenfranchised and unheard by the powers that be” American Conservation Coalition’s Chris Barnard writes, “young rural conservatives are firmly in favor of moves toward clean energy development in their communities. Not only do they find this action important to promote American energy independence, but also to address climate-related challenges like greenhouse gas emissions. In simpler terms, these voters want a climate plan that’s good for the economy and the environment.”

WEBINAR: Why We’re Going to Win on Climate:

Join us for our first webinar of 2024 in which former Congressman Bob Inglis, our fearless leader and OG EcoRighter gives his perspectives on how and why we are going to win on solving climate change.

When: Wednesday, February 21, 4pm ET

Why: Because it’s important to know the playbook so you can share it with others

How: Zoom (of course)

Register here.

(Disclaimer: we can’t promise you will have muscles like Bob’s after participating, but we still think it’s worth your time and effort!)


This week’s must listen: Company upcycles wind turbine blades into benches and picnic tables

Yale Climate Connections brings us this 90-second interview about how the company Canvus is repurposing wind turbine blades so they don’t end up in landfills—and wow, it caught my attention. YES I will be reaching out to them for a longer form podcast appearance with us!

Don’t forget… the EcoRight Speaks will be back in your ears on February 27th with the first episode of season eight!


Best conservative climate quote of the week: Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-N.Y.)

“There are a good number of really conservative leaders who understand the need to confront climate change to build up climate resiliency and to address natural resource conservation. And that won’t end,” the Congressman said. “I think that we’ll be able to convince others to embrace smart conservation policy.”

So I just heard it might snow tonight! I know it’s too much to really hope this happens but wish me luck and have a great weekend!