Hello, readers! I hope this weekly newsletter finds you well! We had a great week with a fantastic webinar, some key messengers in print, and overall a positive vibe! Read on!

This week’s must read: Florida at a climate crossroads: can the PROVE IT Act offer a solution? (The Invading Sea)

The latest opinion piece from Mary Anna Mancuso, this one highlighting how the PROVE IT Act would ultimately benefit her home state.

“Florida is more than sunshine, Mickey Mouse and oranges. In fact, it is home to an array of diverse industries as well as a growing manufacturing sector such as transportation equipment manufacturing, fabricated metal product manufacturing, wood product manufacturing and chemical manufacturing, to name a few. These industries are likely to be cleaner than their global competitors and thus would have a leg up [under a CBAM] which would benefit Florida jobs and the local economy,” Mary Anna notes. “Beyond assisting Florida manufacturers, the PROVE IT Act positions America as a global leader in climate action by exposing unfair practices of dirtier competitors, promoting transparency and driving global innovation. By highlighting the lack of environmental standards and practices in other countries, the act will set the stage for an eventual carbon border adjustment mechanism, the policy that will spark other nations to adopt stricter regulations on par with the U.S., encouraging fair competition based on environmental responsibility.”

Mary Anna also participated as a panelist in the CCL-sponsored webinar last night on LTE and op-ed writing! We hope all aspiring writers were able to participate!


This week’s must listen/watch: Bob Inglis on WIBX radio

We have the video version of this radio program featuring our fearless leader, Bob Inglis, fresh off an event referenced in the conversation. The intro starts about 90 seconds in.

Bob walks through some of his early epiphany and his first “climate travels” with the former (and late) New York Congressman Sherry Boehlert with the House Science Committee.

Mark your calendar for the EcoRight Speaks Season Eight Premiere: February 27, 2024

Thanks for your grace while we took a break, refreshed our guest roster and took time to schedule the initial suite of guests!

We are happy to announce that we plan to launch season 8 on Tuesday with The Invading Sea editor Nathan Crabbe. He will talk about how Florida’s news outlets put aside their competitive nature to collaborate on opinion pieces focused on climate change and impacts in the Sunshine State. Tune in!


It’s a short but sweet update this week! See you with more good news next time!