Hello, readers.

My week took a turn for the unexpected with a positive covid test on Sunday after not feeling well for a few days (but having four negative tests before I woke up with a high fever and 2 lines on the test strip). Both brain and body are moving slowly still but I’m here, keeping an eye on all things EcoRight. And keeping an eye on that evil groundhog!

This week’s must read: Climate change poses a risk to Disney’s guests—and the company’s bottom line (The Invading Sea) From our very own Price Atkinson—comms guru, podcast producer, and Disney aficionado—comes this piece on the impacts a warming world has on this beloved theme park.

“Paramedics at Disney World received 441 calls from guests experiencing heat-related medical issues last summer (one in five calls had people taken to a local hospital), according to data Florida Politics obtained from the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District through a public record request,” Price notes. “That’s a 2% increase from the summer of 2022 and more than double from five years ago.” 

Congrats, Price! We are so proud of you!

Dream Big for What You Want to Happen:

This touching video will take less than 15 minutes of your time to watch but will clearly demonstrate the power of conversation, including (and especially) the listening part of conversation.

There’s a brief cameo by the one and only Bob Inglis

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Where is the EcoRight Speaks?

We’re coming! We’re coming!

I’m not sure how many of you have seen that meme about it being “let’s circle back after the holidays” season, but it feels pretty accurate. I’m busy researching and reaching out to potential guests and in my ideal world, I get three episodes recorded before we launch season eight so that if we have a cancelation, we don’t leave you hanging. Basically, I just wanted to reassure you: we are working on it. We will be back in your ears as soon as possible!

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It’s Groundhog’s Day:

I know, it’s like rather like Groundhog’s Day that we share this meme every year, but it just works.

LTE of the week:

Remember the LA Times profile on Congressman John Curtis from a few weeks ago? I was pleased to see this letter to the editor defending him and his climate efforts: Don’t alienate climate-conscious Republicans; we’ll need them to save the world.

“Deep grass-roots support for climate policy can’t happen if well-intentioned liberals insist on alienating their conservative counterparts,” the writer notes. “Real change, the kind we desperately need, can only come when everyone is rowing together as if our lives depend on it — because they do, as recent record-breaking floods have demonstrated.”

If you want to write an LTE for your home town paper, I’m happy to give you feedback and advice. They really do make a difference.

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Coffee with Bob!

If you’re in the Orlando area—or know someone who is and would enjoy this—drop by for a Cup of Joe with Bob! He’s happy to talk about all things from the Super Bowl to carbon border adjustments and climate change. RSVP here.

Shadow or no shadow, see you next week.