Hello, 2024.

We are back and looking forward to a great year ahead. More podcast episodes (season eight drop date TBD but you won’t have to wait too long) and more on-the-road events with our executive director, Bob Inglis. What might Congress do on carbon tariffs? How will the election influence climate discourse? Will 2024 be even warmer than 2023, the hottest year on record? Buckle up for an interesting year ahead.

And the fun starts now…

This week’s must read: Conservatives took a UN climate conference by storm. Here’s why that’s a good thing (Salt Lake Tribune) Our community hit the year off with this EcoRight op-ed:

As the chair of the Utah Federation of College Republicans,” writes Ryan Smith, a past EcoRight Speaks podcast guest. “I am encouraged by Republicans’ participation in conferences like [COP28]. As conservatives become more involved in the debate about climate change, I see the narrative changing among my peers to include more diverse perspectives. The conservative American perspective — my perspective — has been shut out of the conversation for too long.”

John Curtis

Conservative Climate Caucus founder Rep. John Curtis makes leap for Utah Senate seat:

Utah’s Congressman John Curtis, who has distingusihed himself as a climate leader in the House GOP, is running for the U.S. Senate for the seat being vacated by Senator Mitt Romney at the end of the term.

“The success I’ve had in my current district, which is coal, oil and gas, shows there is a way for Republicans to talk about this in a way that doesn’t alienate people who come from that industry,” he told POLITICO in an interview. “The fact I have leaned into an issue that is not typically traditional [among Republicans] is helpful to me.”

“Curtis is going to have to distinguish himself as a true conservative leader, but one that can marry that with his environmental priorities and show that there is a uniquely conservative way to address these issues,” said American Conservation Coalition head Danielle Butcher Franz

The primary is likely to draw a crowded field.

Spotlight on Bob Inglis:

During the break, Bob had a couple of cool media appearances. Coming up first, check out his interview on The Ranch Podcast:

Then come back and read his latest piece in Forbes, Realities, Demographics, And Policy All Point To Pricing Carbon Dioxide, in which he writes of the three waves “forming to take the climate effort to success: a reality wave, a demographic wave and a policy wave.”

That’s your teaser… read the article to learn more!


Looking ahead to 2024:

We have webinars in the works. We have a new podcast season being developed. We have Bob’s travel schedule being planned. What do you want to see us do, who do you want us to talk to, and where would you like us to take our message of EcoRight leadership? Do tell!

On that note, see you next week!