Hello, Friday! Goodbye, long week… but also, hello, long weekend? Okay, I’ve had too much coffee. (Is that a thing?) Hope everyone is doing their best and gets some R&R this weekend.

But first… Birthday wishes abound: 🎉🥳🪅


On June 16, 2020 we aired our first episode of the EcoRight Speaks. We cannot believe that it’s been three years since we started this show! Now, here we are, our 121st episode later, truly experienced podcasters. It’s all thanks to our expert guests and our attentive listeners. Here’s to three more years!


Dr. Ed Maibach has been a steadfast supporter of the EcoRight—and a two-time guest on the podcast. His work through George Mason University on climate change communications informs so much of what we do. We hope he enjoys his special day. We are collectively raising our glasses to you, Ed! (And we will spare sharing what anniversary of your first trip around the sun you’re taking…)

EcoRight Speaks, Season 6, Episode 18: Utah CCL State Coordinator Tom Moyer

Part of the ever growing reach of the EcoRight can definitely be attributed to  today’s guest, Tom Moyer, a SUPER Eco-Righter from the state of Utah. A robotics engineer and climate activist, Tom is the State Coordinator for the Utah Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and a leader in Climate Utah which lobbies the Utah Legislature. Tom was a driving force behind the 2018 “Environmental and Economic Stewardship Resolution,” which passed both houses of the Utah Legislature and was signed by the Governor that year. And this is super cool, he and his wife live in the net-zero house they built in Park City.

You will hear all about his house and so much more in the episode!

Coming up next week: CEO and President of the Climate Leadership Council, Greg Bertelsen talks to us about what it’s like being at the center of legislative action on the CBAM!

This week’s must read: How A Changing Climate Is A Threat To The Stability Of Our Federal Budget (Forbes) Following up on his recent testimony to Congress on the same topic, Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tennessee) wrote this op-ed linking climate health to the fiscal health of the US.

“Yes, climate change and changing weather patterns create an environmental crisis, but increasingly we are realizing they create a health crisis, and a food crisis, and ultimately a threat to our economic security and to the stability of our federal budget,” he writes. “The direct and after-effects of a changing climate here and around the world have direct implications across the entire U.S. federal budget, which today stands at $6.4 trillion. Whether infrastructure, healthcare, defense, foreign assistance, or social spending, the effects of climate change are increasing the risks to these investments, increasing costs, and expanding needs.”


Quote of the week:

“Increasing global market demand for cleaner energy and reduced carbon emissions presents our country with a once-in-a-generation chance to lead the next energy revolution. Leading in energy innovation is both good for our economy and good for restraining rising energy costs for American families and consumers.”

Benji Backer, in his op-ed, Making a Conservative Case for Clean Energy Investment (Real Clear Energy)

Short, but sweet this week! See you next Friday with more!