Hello and truly happy Friday! If you’re the type who opens emails as you receive them, I am just meeting up with my son, who is graduating from college on Saturday! So excuse me while I have a proud momma moment! (Except poor guy doesn’t have a job; the one he was offered fell through and he’s in a scramble. If you know anyone looking to hire an excellent researcher/writer—or any sort of entry level position with a chance to learn on the job—let’s talk!)

This week’s must read: DeSantis should build on environmental record by confronting realities of climate change (Sun Sentinel)

She’s baaack!

Mary Anna Mancuso is back at her laptop with insightful messages to share, including her latest on the state of Florida climate politics.

A preview:

For a state like Florida, where the impacts of climate change are keenly felt — from rising sea levels to increasingly severe weather events — acknowledging the role of climate change is a matter of critical importance for effective policy making. Ignoring the root cause of some of our greatest issues only serves to exacerbate the challenges facing our people, our environment and our communities.

Originally published on The Invading Sea, this piece has now (at time of publishing) been picked up by the Palm Beach Post and the Orlando Sentinel.

EcoRight Speaks, Season 8, Episode 10: Conor Lincoln

When our Executive Director Bob Inglis is on the road, he often meets people whom he comes back and suggests for the podcast. In the case of this week’s guest, he may have delivered someone who is most likely going to change the world.

Conor Lincoln is a sophomore at Western Washington University studying political science and economics in the Honors College. Bob met Conor first at a Rotary Club event in Yakima, Washington and more recently in Bellingham, where Conor distinguised himself by being the only person to ask a question when the event turned to Q&A.

With a keen interest in climate change, national security, and public policy, Conor has volunteered for Citizens’ Climate Lobby and the American Conservation Coalition since 2021, writing op-eds, lobbying state legislators, and tabling at community events and conferences. After graduation in 2026, he hopes to find a job working on national security issues in Washington, D.C., perhaps as a congressional staffer before moving to the think tank space. 

After you hear his story, you will understand why we are totally confident he will surpass his goals!

Coming up next week… To be determined! The guest I planned to have postponed, so my roster is empty. Want to be on the show! Reach out!

Latergram: Angela and Chelsea meet

I was so caught up in the Price goodbye last week that I forgot the promised photo of me meeting Angela Larck in Baltimore a few weeks ago! We had a great, but too short, lunch (fun fact: we ordered the exact same thing) and it was nice to connect in person!

ADVANCE Act of 2024 edges closer

This week the House passed a measure that included the Accelerating Deployment of Versatile, Advanced Nuclear for Clean Energy (ADVANCE) Act of 2024, a bipartisan nuclear energy bill that is intended to boost nuclear energy production and streamline the licensing process. Now the ball is in the Senate’s court…

Mark your calendars, DC folks…

Bob and I will be doing an event together on August 8th at 7pm to discuss GLACIAL, which hits shelves that week. The reading/discussion will take place at East City Bookshop in Washington, DC. More on this to come (like how to RSVP) but in case your August calendar fills up fast, I wanted to give you a heads up.

On that note, have a great weekend!