When our Executive Director Bob Inglis is on the road, he often meets people whom he comes back and suggests for the podcast. In the case of this week’s guest, he may have delivered someone who is most likely going to change the world.

Conor Lincoln is a sophomore at Western Washington University studying political science and economics in the Honors College. Bob met Conor first at a Rotary Club event in Yakima, Washington and more recently in Bellingham, where Conor distinguised himself by being the only person to ask a question when the event turned to Q&A.

With a keen interest in climate change, national security, and public policy, Conor has volunteered for Citizens’ Climate Lobby and the American Conservation Coalition since 2021, writing op-eds, lobbying state legislators, and tabling at community events and conferences. After graduation in 2026, he hopes to find a job working on national security issues in Washington, D.C., perhaps as a congressional staffer before moving to the think tank space. 

After you hear his story, you will understand why we are totally confident he will surpass his goals!