It’s long weekend eve! If you’ve opened this email before setting out for a 3-day weekend, I am honored. If you’re catching up after the fact, I am honored.

This week’s must read: Political multitasking — Addressing China, our debt, and climate all at once (Utah Policy)

Mackey Smith, the vice-chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party and former State Chair of the Utah Young Republicans, wrote this recent op-ed.

An excerpt:

“Most economists and public policy experts acknowledge that dealing with the nation’s long-term fiscal challenges will require both significant spending cuts and adjustments to taxation. In order to preempt increases in taxes that would be harmful to businesses and workers – like income or corporate taxes – Republicans would be strategic by supporting a price on carbon, which wouldn’t hamper economic growth, and allow the government to reduce other taxes that do.”

That’s why we love the Beehive State! 

EcoRight Speaks, Season 8, Episode 11: Executive Director of AMERIPEN, Dan Felton

For something a little different but a topic also near and dear to my heart, this week we featured Dan Felton, the executive director of AMERIPEN, an organization that represents the North American packaging value chain by providing public policy makers with fact-based, material inclusive, scientific information. Using sound science and a philosophy of material inclusivity, AMERIPEN develops and advocates positions on issues related to packaging and the environment. Members include leading brand owners, packaging converters, materials suppliers, and recyclers.

A well-known leader in the U.S. government affairs arena for more than 20 years, Dan has represented multinational corporations, various coalitions, and trade associations representing several Fortune 500 companies. He is particularly passionate about environmental, sustainability, and packaging issues and has advocated extensively in those areas at the local, state, and federal levels in the U.S.

I promise, you won’t think about packaging the same after you listen!

Coming up next week, a trio of EcoRighters from our team and community share their experiences driving and owning an Electric Vehicle! (Does that make EVs the guest of the show? I guess it does!)

Quote of the week: From Pope Francis, a long-time advocate for climate action, who criticized heavily polluting nations for their continued reliance on fossil fuels.

“They are the countries that can make the most difference, given their industry and all, aren’t they? But it is very difficult to create an awareness of this. They hold a conference, everybody is in agreement, they all sign, and then bye-bye. But we have to be very clear, global warming is alarming.”


[Webinar] Save the date for a Virtual Town Hall with Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks

We are so thrilled to announce the date and guest for our next webinar, featuring Iowa Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who recenlty took over as chair of the House Conservative Climate Caucus. Join republicEn in a town hall-style virtual meeting as we get to know her and hear about her plans for a conservative climate future.

Join us for this free virtual event June 5, 2024 @ 11am ET, 10am CT, 9am MT, 8am PT.

Register here! 

Changes in attitudes…

You have never really gone down the climate change rabbit hole if you haven’t yet spent time with the Climate Change in the American Mind (CCAM) interactive data visualization tool – the CCAM Explorer — which give you a snapshot into how Americans are thinking about the issue. The brainchild of the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Commumication and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, the CCAM is out with it’s most recent data, which now spans  from 2008 to 2023,  enabling users to explore Americans’ opinions about climate change over time and across different groups of people. Check it out. And sorry if you’re still exploring hours later! It’s fascinating material!

On that note, have a great weekend!