Next week is Thanksgiving! 2022 is moving at such a swift pace, I think I have whiplash. Anyway, knowing you all will be immersed in the holiday spirit, Week En Review will take a break next week and we will see you next in DECEMBER (IMHO, the best month of the year).

This week’s must read: From our own EcoRight Leadership Council member, Kyle McIntyre, comes this piece, Conservatives and the climate (The Missoulian) “Is there an effective climate solution that adheres to [conservative] principles?” he writes. “I believe the answer is yes, and it’s based in free enterprise. A revenue-neutral carbon tax, applied at the source, allows us to put a price on the thing we want less of: carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.” Read his op-ed to learn more!

The EcoRight Speaks, season five, episode 101: Executive director of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, Sean Sullivan

For this week’s show, I’m happy to share my conversation with Sean Sullivan, the executive director of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, which is working on a regional resilience strategy in the face of challenges posed by climate change. With this region making up the 2nd largest economy in Florida, and houses almost 4 million people, the policy making they do on the local level there will have an impact and can serve as a model for other municipalities and regions facing climate threats.

Hope you enjoy the episode! 

Coming up next week: a break! We know you’re busy either traveling, cooking, or some combination of both, so look (read: listen) for us after Thanksgiving!

Closing the carbon loophole: A new report by our friend Catrina Rorke at the Climate Leadership Council’s Center for Climate & Trade finds that carbon leakage, the phenomenon whereby the carbon emissions associated with the production of goods and services in one country are ultimately consumed in another, represents nearly 25% of total CO2 emissions globally. Despite calls for a carbon border adjustment, which would help close the loophole, there are currently no policies on the books specifically designed to mitigate it.

“The carbon loophole represents a major shortcoming in traditional climate accounting and is the single clearest environmental case for including trade in climate policy discussions,” Catrina said in a press statement. “U.S. policymakers can help close the carbon loophole by establishing global market incentives for lowering emissions at home and abroad.”

(You know I’m going to get Catrina on the podcast to talk about this more so stay tuned.)

I leave you with some scenes from my visit with my son in Germany (and day trips to France and Switzerland). We had a blast.

Also, I want to give a huge birthday shoutout to our uber creative engagement director, Angela Larck, who will celebrate over the Thanksgiving weekend. Fun fact: we learned during our webinar that her mother often made her pumpkin pie for her birthday because many years it aligned with Thanksgiving. It’s her favorite, so eat a piece and think of her! Happy birthday, Angela!

And Happy Thanksgiving all!