This week’s must read #1: Carbon tax war among conservatives heats up (Washington Examiner) In which Bob Inglis poses the question, “are you a fearless conservative?” Read the article to find out to whom he directs his question!

This week’s must read #2: Hurricane Maria May Be a Preview of Climate-Fueled Migration in America (Bloomberg). “Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico may offer a preview for Americans of one of the most jarring potential consequences of global warming: the movement of large numbers of people pushed out of their homes by the effects of climate change.” The Department of Defense reports only 44 percent of the Commonwealth’s inhabitants have access to potable water and only 11 of 69 hospitals have fuel or power.

Caucus nears 60: The House Climate Solutions Caucus added two more members, bringing the bipartisan group up to 58, nearly triple the size it was in the last Congress. Michigan’s Rep. Jack Bergman—a former three-star general in the Marine Corps and the highest-ranking military officer ever to serve in Congress—is the latest Republican to join ranks. Earlier this year, in a town hall meeting he told constituents asking about climate change that “we as human beings have the responsibility to look at everything.” Caucus co-founder Rep. Carlos Curbelo said in response to the expansion:”The real-world implications of sea level rise have been on display for all to see in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean following Hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria…I’m grateful these members are willing to step up and turn their concern into action by joining the Climate Solutions Caucus. This growing bipartisan coalition will be critical to ensuring Congress makes finding solutions to this issue a priority.”

Hayhoe on hurricanes: On Sunday, our favorite climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe appeared on the CBS news program 60 Minutes, where she details how climate change could make hurricanes stronger. Her remarks begin around the four minute mark. “More energy, more power will be available to hurricanes in the future, enabling them to intensify faster if conditions are right, as well as become more intense… we’re starting to see it.”

The Governator (bench) presses climate action: Former Terminator and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to prod President Donald Trump into caring about the environment. “I think that we have in California proven that you can protect the environment and lower the greenhouse gases and go more in the green direction in terms of cars and industries and all that. We’ve passed the toughest laws in the United States. Everyone told us it was going to be suicidal, that our economy was going to crash and it was the worst thing for jobs,” Schwarzenegger said. “We’re now 10 years later and the national GDP growth is about two-and-a-quarter. The California GDP growth is at 5 percent so we are now outgrowing the rest of the U.S. and outperforming any state in the United States. We’re No. 1. So I think the federal government, Republicans and Democrats and Donald Trump and his whole White House if they will be smart, then they will just copy exactly what we’re doing in California.” He cited that pollution leads to more deaths than war and said he’s on a “crusade” to protect the environment.

Cut!: ExxonMobil announced a program to reduce methane leaks from oil and gas production. Methane—a greenhouse gas that traps 80 times as much heat at carbon dioxide over a 20-year period—has the same impact over two decades as 240 coal-fired power plants. Cutting methane emissions has grown increasingly important as the U.S. power sector transitions to more natural gas use.

EnCourage Tour recap: We’re still energized by last week’s kick off in New York. Rep. Bob Inglis was joined by former colleague Congressman Richard Hanna at our second EnCourage Tour event where they joined forces to change at least one mind. Participant Robert George praised the conservative angle and said “having Conservatives in there actually giving their opinions definitely does sway us. It’s not Liberals in there telling me ‘You’re a Conservative and that’s a problem.'” Hanna said climate change shouldn’t be a belief system. “It should be something to do with science and trying to understand the issues. And they’re not easy, but to deny it just for the sake of denying it—because it’s easier to put something off than to deal with it —is foolhardy.” As Bob puts it: “The Environmental Left asks, ‘Do you believe in climate change?’ We ask a very different question. We say, ‘Can free enterprise solve climate change?’ We think it starts a very different conversation that conservatives can feel comfortable with.”

Protecting the jester: Frequent climate jester and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has a round-the-clock security detail now numbering 18 agents. Amid a proposal to cut the agency’s budget by more than 30 percent, the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurances is seeking a waiver to the hiring freeze in order to add more bodyguards. Most of these agents are not trained in personal protection but in environmental compliance. Taxpayers are also paying the tab for a $25,000 “privacy booth” for Pruitt. The secure phone booth can’t be breached by hackers or eavesdroppers. We can’t help but wonder what’s so secret about Pruitt’s conversations? Who is the alarmist now, Mr. Pruitt?

What a week! See you in October!