Texas Sen. Ted Cruz participated in a rural town hall meeting in Des Moines, Iowa where he addressed questions and concerns posed by rural and agriculture-based voters.

When asked about regulation of carbon emissions, Cruz pointed to the last presidential debate, when CNN moderator Jake Tapper did not call on him to answer the question on climate change. “I tried very hard to walk in,” Cruz recounted. “I said, ‘Jake, if you want a skeptic, I’m happy to play that role.’ When it comes to so-called global warming, I believe we should follow the science and follow the evidence.”

Cruz added, “the last 18 years, if you look at the satellite data, there is no significant recorded warming whatsoever. Now mind you, their computer models show that there should be enormous warming except for the fact that the satellite data are not measuring that warming… climate change is the perfect pseudoscientific theory. Why? Because it can never be disproven, whether it gets hotter or colder, wetter or drier, it’s always changing.”

Cruz remains in the top tier of candidates seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency.