Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a self-professed climate change skeptic, said as president he would withdraw the United States from a landmark international agreement on climate change, agreed to by 195 nations in Paris earlier this month.

“These are ideologues, they don’t focus on the facts, they won’t address the facts, and what they’re interested [in] instead is more and more government power,” Cruz told a crowd in Tennessee.

Cruz questions the science of climate change and chaired a recent Senate hearing on the matter. He disputes that any warming has occurred over the last 18 years.

“[The] facts are, to use Al Gore’s phrase, an inconvenient truth,” Cruz said. “So they set them aside and continue to propose jacking up the cost of millions of Americans’ day to day living. Jacking up your car bill, jacking up your electric bill, jacking up the cost of people who are struggling.”