Florida’s Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who with delegation mate Rep. Ted Deutsch co-founded the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus, said he thinks President Donald Trump‘s advisors “understand the issue” of climate change.

“And I believe that at the appropriate time, they are going to make their voices heard and they’re going to try to shape the policies of this administration,” he said without identifying specifically who he means.

Curbelo has been a vociferous advocate for climate change solutions, in part due to the impacts he sees in his coastal district in South Florida. He said he hopes to move the Caucus into an active role in this Congress, pushing legislation that “sends a message to the leadership in both parties that we want to move forward” in tackling the threat. He suggested success rests in “fram[ing] the current reality” with the Republican-controlled Congress and White House. “If they truly believe in economic growth … then they want to do everything they can to ensure our sustainability and prosperity in the future,” he said.