Here’s the news we woke up to this Monday morning—

Support for carbon tax on the rise: New polling shows that a majority of registered voters—roughly 66 percent—support taxing fossil fuel in response to growing threats of climate change. According to the survey, the average American would be willing to spend $177 per year to address climate change, about 14.4 percent more on energy when compared to current electricity rates in each state. Keep making the case, ecoright!

Collins to stay put: Maine Sen. Susan Collins announced on Friday that she will not run for governor next year, as was widely speculated. The most senior Republican senator and 15th in seniority overall, Collins has not missed a roll call vote in 20 years in office. At the press conference she reiterated her belief that “human activity contributes to climate change” and expressed disappointment at the current Administration’s approach to the issue.

Perry doublespeak: Energy Secretary Rick Perry responded “yes sir” in a hearing last week when asked if he things climate change is a threat to our nation. “Where we may or may not agree is just how much of this is man’s fault,” Perry said.

We will keep eyes open and ears to the ground to bring you more news as it arises. Have a happy day!