Happy Tuesday! We interrupt this program to offer some climate tidbits to warm your day.

We got this: California’s former governor and one-time Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger says President Donald Trump’s rejection of the Paris climate accord doesn’t matter, because companies, scientists and other governments can “pick up the slack” to reduce global emissions. He was in Paris for an international climate summit hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron. “Donald Trump pulled Donald Trump out of the Paris agreement,” Schwarzenegger said, noted that the private sector, cities and state governments, engineers and universities remain committed to fighting climate change. He acknowledged that many people “don’t understand what global warming or climate change really means,” and urged advocates to focus on efforts to fight pollution instead because of its health risks.

Let’s do it: Pope Francis, a strong crusader for the environment, expressed his hope that people will realize the “need to adopt truly efficient decisions to fight climate change.” His May 2015 encyclical focused on the need to protect the environment.

Come north: Vermont’s Gov. Phil Scott positioned his state as a place for those seeking refuge from the impacts of climate change. They “have to relocate somewhere” he said of people fleeing wildfires and drought. “Climate change, to any state, to all of us—any country—is probably going to have a negative effect on us in some way. But we are positioned, I think, we live in the Northeast, I think we’re in a pretty good position, with an abundance of water and other attributes, to look quite good as compared to other states in America. We could be the Mecca,” he said.

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