What a busy week in the climate world.

Climate change and national security: The House Armed Services Committee approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act stating that climate change is a “direct threat to the national security and the United States” and asking the Pentagon to report to Congress within a year, identifying the ten military installations most vulnerable to climate damage. It also asks for a discussion of how climate change will affect top commanders of fielded forces who may have to deal with instability brought on by a climate crisis. In his confirmation hearing, Defense Secretary James Mattis called climate change a “driver of instability” that requires a “whole-of-government response” to address.

Costello’s climate bonafides: In an interview with E&E Daily (sorry for those without a subscription) Pennsylvania’s Congressman Ryan Costello, who represents a competitive district identified as a “bellwether” race for 2018, explains why he considers action on climate change “beyond partisanship.” The two-term lawmaker is a member of the House Climate Solutions Caucus and a leading co-sponsor of the Stefanik climate resolution. He described his early days in local politics as influencing his interest in climate action.

Caucus swells: The House Climate Solutions Caucus gained another bipartisan pair of members. Ohio Congressman David Joyce became the 28th Republican to join.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s jester and whatever other news befalls between now and then.