On this Thursday in ecoright climate change news…

Curbelo speaks: Returning to Washington, DC, Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo, whose district includes the battered Florida Keys, said climate change should be part of the post-Hurricane Irma discussion. “It shouldn’t be the first thing people talk about; the first concern has to be all the people in the Florida Keys and throughout the state of Florida who are struggling,” he said, adding it’s “not irresponsible to highlight how this storm was probably fueled. In part, by conditions that were caused by human-induced climate change.” He lashed out at deniers and alarmists alike because “they don’t contribute much to solving this problem…the deniers deny it so you can’t address a problem you don’t recognize and the alarmists scare everyone and take credibility away from the issue, and people who are convincible then shy away. People need to talk about this in a sober way, in a rational way.”

Caucus swells: Speaking of Curbelo, the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus which he co-founded expanded ranks again, growing to 56 members with the addition of Republican Reps. Chris Collins (NY-27) and Pat Tiberi (OH-12) and their democratic counterparts.

Today’s must listen: Did you miss Bob Inglis on PRI’s The Takeaway? Check out Climate change wasn’t always a partisan issue

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