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We are happy to welcome back to the show our dear friend Alex Bozmoski. In honor of his appearance, I thought it would be interesting to share our origin story.

Back in 2014, our mutual friend Andrew Holland, who ICYMI has been a guest twice on the show, told us we needed to know each other. I still remember meeting Alex for coffee in downtown DC and being struck by his unbridled optimism. He was determined to find a way that we could work together and as I started out, writing a few blog posts here and there, he was my greatest advocate in moving into the position I have with republicen.org today.

(Thanks, Alex.)

But who is he? Alex Bozmoski has been chasing climate solutions for fifteen years through grassroots education, business, technical assistance, and academic research. He currently serves as VP of programs at DEPLOY/US, but before leaving us to take that gig, he co-founded  republicEn.org with Bob Inglis. He previously developed clean-energy projects in East Africa, consulted for think tanks, authored peer-reviewed articles, worked on several GOP campaigns, and designed and facilitated e-learning courses on environmental economics and policy for World Bank technical assistance programs. He holds a BA from Georgetown University and an MS in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford.

We love him and hope you do too.