If  you’ve been listening to the podcast/reading Week En Review, then you know that I’m passionate about my garden, specifically about adding native plants that are good for pollinators, can handle drought conditions, and take little fuss from me.

Now, I’m just a novice. But I listen and watch and ask questions and a name that kept coming up in my cirlces regarding the Homegrown National Park, a project to encourage more people to plant native gardens where their lawns would be, was Doug Tallamy.

Then episode six guest, Dr. Mike Curren, mentioend that Tallamy had been his professor. And I got a connection.

Without further ado, Tallamy is an American entomologist, ecologist and conservationist. He is a professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware and has written and co-authored several books as well as papers.

An advocate for home gardens and landscaping that bridge the gaps between parks and preserves in providing habitat for native species, he has spoken at length on the connections between plants and insects and how those relations are important to birds. As mentioned, he’s a co-founder of Homegrown National Park. 

Check out our conversation and then share your planting tips with me!