This week’s podcast guest came to me serendipitously. I have long wanted to have a guest on the show break down ESGs for us. And I love having women as guests. Talking to a contact of mine, she mentioned her friend, Dora Lutz, an ESG expert, and I pounced at the opportunity to be connected.

Dora is an award-winning researcher and international speaker who educates and inspires audiences on how to grow their social impact. Using the principles of ESG (that Environmental, Social, and Governance, for those who don’t know what those three initials stand for), Dora has worked with small businesses, Fortune 100 companies, and even the United Nations as they leverage business models to create sustainable revenue sources and profound social outcomes.

For more than a decade, Dora has devoted her career to understanding the unique ways businesses can make a positive impact on society. She is widely considered one of the top thought leaders on ESG strategy and is the go-to expert for companies who care as much about sustainability as they do their bottom line.

Dora is the author of The Aspirational Business (2018), founder of GivingSpring and the creator of the course Business Planning for Social Entrepreneurs at Purdue University. Dora holds an MBA from Butler University and did her first TEDx in 2021 entitled “Dear C-Suite: It’s Not You, It’s Us.”

She was a pleasure to talk to and I hope you enjoy the show!