We asked, “If you could pick any historical conservative figure to be your “weather buddy” for a day to discuss climate change and its effects, who would it be?” Choices included Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, John McCain, and Margaret Thatcher, as well as a write-in option. Theodore Roosevelt was our clear winner, with 56% of the vote, followed by John McCain with 18%. Write-ins included former U.S. Secretary George Schultz, Jesus Christ, Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, and both George Bushes.

Every month, republicEn asks 3 Questions for the EcoRight to learn more about conservatives who care about climate.

Trying to change the world is hard work. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. March’s EcoRight flash poll was meant to lighten our moods and put a smile on our faces.

Here are more results:

“Other” superpower suggestions from our members:

      • “The power to change hearts and minds so that we all act to decarbonize our lives.” – Frank H. in Colorado
      • “If I could have a magical power, it would be to wake up everyone who had not been voting so that they could see the truth about the issues and the importance of voting and then they would vote.” – Penni L. in Illinois
      • “The power to make Trump a believer in climate risk and value-added solutions.” – Stanley W. in South Carolina
      • “Superpower: mind control over recalcitrant conservatives whose brains are shrouded in fog when it comes to understanding humanity’s impact on our blue Pearl Earth.” – Eric M. in Oregon

“Other” outdoor activity suggestions from our members:

      • “BBQ in a day use shelter and we talk about a book or person that influenced our perspectives on conservation.” – Eric A. in Washington
      • “An activity with children. I think we adults should all help children celebrate Earth Day. Teach them about the Earth, how old it is, how it supports all of us, and what we need to do to protect it. Don’t scare them! Just do activities with them, like planting trees, composting with worms, stop using pesticides, and all the things we must do to transition off fossil fuels and onto clean energy pronto!” – Alexandra A. in Montana
      • “Field trips to energy storage projects such as at Goldendale, WA and Klamath Lakes OR.” – Paul H. in Nevada
      • “My favorite events are invasive-species-removing parties on public land.” – Daniel O. in North Carolina
      • “Camping and hiking along rivers, guarding sturgeon during spawning season, stabilizing human overuse erosion and supporting restocking of former habitats.” – Constance W. in Michigan
      • “Test driving fully electric cars.” – Glenn H. in Montana
      • “Ocean conservation talks and eco tours.” – Annie M. in California

And here are a few last thoughts and opinions:

      • “Yes! Gamify the climate issues. To reduce waste; states can compete to have the lowest garbage per Capita. Reduce energy lowest kWh per Capita & water lowest gallons per Capita. Then compete by county & city etc.” – Barbara C. in Texas
      • “Watch Oliver Stone’s movie Nuclear Now and follow TheThoriumNetwork.com on social media. Edward Teller said in 1959 that if we don’t go Nuclear, the polar caps would melt and NYC would flood. Lyndon Johnson warned about this in 1965 as well.” – Robert P. in Indiana

Poll answers represent republicEn members across 37 states. California raked in the largest amount of answers, followed by a tie between Washington and Virginia. The political leaning of poll takers: 42% lean Right, 37% claim Center, 16% lean Left, and 4% are unsure or prefer not to say.