Hello, and happy halfway point in the season! This week’s guest comes to us via our friend (and past guest) in Florida, Brendan Shuler, who has his fingers on the pulse of a vast network of people acting on climate change.

Andres Jimenez serves as Supervisor for Fairfax County’s Mason District. Born in Bogota, Colombia, Andres is the first Latino to serve on Fairfax County’s Board of Supervisors for Mason District, where he has lived  for 12 years.

As the father of two young girls, Andres is passionate about protecting our climate so future generations can not just survive, but thrive. That passion launched his career in environmental protection, eventually landing him as Green 2.0’s first full-time Executive Director. Andres also served as Senior Director of Government Affairs at Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), where he advocated for legislative environmental protection at the Congressional level. He used his experiences as a strategic planner and relationship builder to champion innovative solutions while Associate Director of Government Relations at the Ocean Conservancy, tackling tough issues like ocean acidification and sustainable fisheries.

First, let me just say, he is one of the nicest people I have ever interviewed. We talk about how important local engagement is in the collective effort to solve climate change.

That conversation is linked below!