Friday, April 26, aka the day I get to meet Angela Larck in person!

We are quite a decentralized organization with team members in the DC metro area, Ohio, and South Carolina. Angela has been our engagement director for more than two years, but we have not yet met in person. That changes today! She’s going to be in Baltimore, about 45 minutes from my house. As you’re reading this, we are probably chatting away! Stay tuned for photographic evidence in next week’s newsletter!

This week’s must read: Young conservatives believe in and care about climate change. It gives me hope (Idaho Statesman/syndicated by AOL News)

From Morgan Brummund, the government affairs director at the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) comes this piece, sampled here:

Young people know that the planet is not a partisan topic and that the impacts of climate change will be felt by everyone regardless of their political affiliation. They also recognize that partisanship has failed to produce sound climate solutions over the past several decades and that they will be inheriting a wicked problem. They are no longer debating the existence of the issue, but instead are discussing the solutions to address it.”

The EcoRight Speaks, on the 8s!

Eighth season, eighth episode, that is! We are nearing the halfway mark on the season, continuing to bring guests who are new to the show. As is this week’s guest.

Tucker Perkins is the host of the podcast Path to Zero (spoiler: it always feels a little stressful to interview another podcast host… the pressure is really on to nail it) and he’s also the President and CEO of Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), a nonprofit which invests in the research and development of propane-powered innovations, educates consumers about propane, and promotes the safe, efficient use of propane through safety training and education programs.

In the episode, Tucker share with us his perspective on the benefits of propane, natural gas and the renewable versions of both those fuels, plus other clean energy innovations.

Coming up next week, my conversation with Fairfax County Supervisor Andres Jimenez on how to engage in climate policy at the local level.

On the road with Bob Inglis

We love seeing Bob out in the wild, leading conversations with EcoRighters on why they are the most important people in the climate conversation. Here he is at Western Washington University in Bellingham!

Here he is on Bellingham’s KGMI radio!

If you’d like Bob to speak at your university, Rotary Club meeting, or any other civic event, reach out!

For more Bob content, check out his Earth Day appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

Hot questions about hot weather

*Note: This is a Flash Poll take over! Four students at the University of Washington studying Global Environmental Politics crafted April’s poll, along with all communications and graphics. Later, they’ll be the ones to analyze the data!

We are ready for summer break but it doesn’t start for another two months, yet the weather has been noticeably heating up. Last week, NPR reported that scientists say March is the 10th straight month to be the hottest on record! How are you preparing for the trajectory of the record-breaking heat waves approaching us?

We would love to hear your thoughts on these 3 quick questions!


That’s it for me! I’m so excited to be hanging out, I mean, having an in-person meeting with Angela! Yay!