Carly Fiorina hit the Iowa State Fair earlier this week, where she took questions from an audience of potential voters. In response to a question on offshore drilling, Fiorina replied, “yes, of course, we have to be responsible stewards of our lands and of our resources and of our planet. But all the people who tell us we can’t do this – we can’t drill, we can’t keep the coal industry going…they all cite the science of climate change. Let me tell you what the scientists say. If you want to quote science, you’ve got to read the fine print. All the scientists that tell us that climate change is real and man made also tell us this: a single nation acting alone will make no difference at all.”

Fiorina continued: “So we can destroy every job in this country, we can destroy the coal industry, we can destroy the agriculture industry….we can destroy industries in this nation at the alter of science. But here’s the truth, ladies and gentlemen: those livelihoods and lives are being destroyed not at the altar of science, but at the altar of ideology. This is about ideology. It is not about science.”