Former South Carolina Congressman J. Gresham Barrett spoke at length in an interview with Southeast Energy News to discuss the launch of the Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition, an organization dedicated to removing barriers to the solar market in his home state.

“Conservatives want the freedom to choose how they get their energy,” Barrett said. He explained how his coalition plans to “address a wide range of issues including protecting common sense, economy-growing, policies like net metering, and working to ensure that there is no tax increase on South Carolina homes and businesses that produce their own energy.” Their goal is to “expand access to solar… and create jobs all across the state.”

Barrett, who is also a pastor and his church’s stewardship director, pointed to his faith in the “biblical mandate to care for God’s creation and protect our children’s future” as a touchstone in his work. “Clean energy is good for public health. Energy independence will protect our soldiers from foreign wars. It’s no longer possible to deny one of God’s greatest gifts: the sun.”