Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore, who in July became the 17th major candidate to seek the Republican nomination for president, put meat to the bones of his campaign website this week. The Gilmore for America website highlights his position on eight specific issues, including climate change.

“Climate change is a reality,” the website reads. “But the debate on whether it is caused by man – the anthropogenic climate change we hear about every day – is very far from over.”

While Gilmore does not go into any details on how he would solve the climate crisis, he does take a strong position against President Obama’s Clean Power Plan rule, finalized in early August. “By his new regulation, Obama is trying to force states and power companies to shift their investments to solar and wind power. We’ve seen that before and we know it doesn’t do anything other than burden our economy with false remedies.”

The climate section concludes: “We should all be conservationists. That means we will preserve and maintain our air and water quality, protect wildlife from extinction and thus help contribute to our quality of life. Making the cost of energy skyrocket will reduce our quality of life. That’s an unnecessary sacrifice to impose on Americans.”