Every month, republicEn usually asks 3 Questions for the EcoRight to learn more about our community. But sometimes we stray from our path and mix things up a bit. Like during the holiday season.

In dedication to the new year, we asked the EcoRight to “Tell us all your hopes, dreams, goals, promises, intentions…  resolutions for climate in 2024.” Our team at republicEn participated, too.

Note: By no means is this an exhaustive list! However, it is a very long, long list. I hope you find a comment that resonates with you. Let me know what you think, and maybe there will be a volume II in the future. Thank you for participating.

Here are our team shares:

My dream is for conservatives to realize that they hold the key to unlocking worldwide action on climate change.

My goal is 100 events in our target states (FL, SC, NC, IN, ID, UT and eastern Washington) and elsewhere at which we make the case for accountable, free enterprise action on climate.

Bob Inglis

Executive Director, republicEn

My goal is for my climate change book, GLACIAL, to be a bestseller! As for my dream, I’d like to see carbon tariffs enacted. 

Chelsea Henderson

Director of Editorial Content, republicEn

My climate goal for 2024 is for conservatives to pass carbon tariff legislation in both chambers because, right now, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to lower domestic pollution.

Price Atkinson

Communications & Programming Director, republicEn

In 2024, I look forward to sharing more of the EcoRight’s climate stories. Storytelling stands as a time-honored and cherished practice. At republicEn, we share your stories through our poll reports, Week En Review, podcasts, and guest blogs. Stories have power!

Angela Larck

Engagement Director, republicEn

Here are the amazing shares from the EcoRight community:

    • “To strengthen relationships and lead by example. 2023 was a year that made me tired of the climate debates like gas stoves, EVs, etc.  The top of the food chain for decarbonization is at the point of energy production. I envision 2024 being more about nuclear energy options with an effort to expand energy and reduce fossil fuel demand. Americans don’t want to be told what to do. We need to understand that mindset.” – Glenn B. in Georgia
    • “To persuade more people in my conservative community about the benefits of reducing GHG emissions.” – Karen F. in New York
    • “Emphasize personal responsibility/initiative for lowering emissions & reducing resource use, by personal example.” – Ralf S. in Ohio
    • “Continue to be active writing LTEs, etc.” – David V. in Iowa
    • “I plan to continue my public insistence that the survival of our grandchildren cannot be partisan.” – Chris W. in Virginia
    • “I will be joining the boards of two clean air/climate change advocacy organizations locally to help support their work.” – Andrea H. in Utah
    • “Make En-ROADS presentations about the simulation of environmental impacts to the local community with interested parties.” – Paul J. in North Dakota
    • “Support effective climate initiatives that are not driven by more wasteful government spending. We need to make sure we are not putting most of the burden of climate change ‘solutions’ on the backs of American taxpayers. Private initiatives should fill the void. Government policy must consider the effects on our national debt which is out of control.” – Jack S. in Washington
    • “I’m over seeing all this ‘climate change’ action from both sides which has gotten out of hand.” – Margaret P. in Arizona
    • “For all people of America, no matter what faith or party they are, to recognize we share a common home that all faiths believe was created for us to care for, and we have failed to do so, but we still have a short time to stop the carnage, protect what is left and to work on restoring what we can.” – Linda S. in Texas
    • “Continue advocating for more local active transportation infrastructure projects.” – Phil H. in Washington
    • “To advocate for all forms of clean energy as a member of Citizens Climate Lobby and republicEN.” – Curtis B. in Tennessee
    • “Motivate my community to electrify their homes improve their energy efficiency and reduce fossil fuel consumption. Learn more here: https://www.rewiringamerica.org.” – Frank H. in Colorado
    • “Use some of the extensive environmental psychology & behavioral economics research to guide my actions to try and get people to reduce their emissions locally in the county where I live.” – Jim T. in North Carolina
    • “To listen, learn, and inform. I believe the Climate Change narrative has become too political and should be level set with important conversations and education of all stakeholders, including listening, learning, and informing appropriately and objectively on subject matters with a thoughtful approach.” – Deanna D. in Colorado
    • “Support a carbon tax. Support SMR and microreactor nuclear reactor development and licensing. Support hydrogen infrastructure development and deployment. Reduce fossil fuel use. Elect people (irregardless of party) willing to solve real world problems instead of promoting personal agendas.” – Ron B. in Arizona
    • “To make our climate change better by taking action.” – Lisa C. in California
    • “Doing more YouTube content that is conservative climate conscious friendly.”  – Joel S. in Kansas
    • “Meet with my Republican Members of Congress and convey the importance of passing the Big Wires Act and the ADVANCE Act.”  – Jan B. in Tennesee
    • “Combat misinformation and disinformation by global warming deniers/doubters with presentations and media messaging.” – William J. in California
    • “That conservatives in Congress express their concern about our changing climate, and that they take up on the two most important actions: Pricing emissions – carbon fee & dividend (aka Cashback carbon pricing) & Removing greenhouse gases (our legacy emissions) through a variety of ways.”  – Peter G. in Maine
    • “Do my part to educate others around me about sound, scientific climate policies. I pray that whatever conservative presidential candidate we elect will agree that climate change is happening and not reverse the trend we are on to reduce emissions.” – Amy G. in Illinois
    • “The eco right does not want autocracy. The far left does not want autocratic capitalism.” – Marc I. in Maryland
    • “We need to enlist more small businesses to our cause. I plan to reach out to more in this area to discuss what they are willing to do.” – Barrie M. in Nebraska
    • “More collaboration among environmental agencies and conservation groups!” – Marion V. in Vermont
    • “Have my home wired for an EV and a hot water heater.” – Michael F. in Montana
    • “Seek out discussions with both conservatives and progressives to build common ground for bipartisan solutions at both the State and Federal level.” – Greg J. in Minnesota
    • “My New Year’s resolution is to be more often open when talking with family members and friends about what important action conservatives can take that are both fiscally responsible and good for the environment. And to talk more openly with my liberal friends and family about the fact that I am conservative and what that actually means.” – Shere B. in Utah
    • Convince a critical mass of conservative lawmakers to advance policy in support of Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR). As a reference point, your friends at ClearPath have good things to say about this: https://clearpath.org/policy/carbon-dioxide-removal/. Also, it’s required for the survival of humans and most other species, so that seems like something conservatives (and everyone!) can get behind. ” – Karl D. in California