Republican San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer won a second term in office this week, securing enough votes to avoid a runoff in November. Faulconer ran on a record of being “fiscally responsible and environmentally conscious.” In May, he unveiled the details of a $127 million Climate Action Plan for the city.

“This over $100 million is just the down payment,” Faulconer said. “It’s going to help us create the foundation we need as we build a better and cleaner future for all of San Diego.”

The plan includes several projects aimed at reducing the impacts of climate change such as tree planting, striping of bike lanes, solar panel installations, sidewalk and road repairs, and stormwater and sewer upgrades. The plan encourages residents to use alternative means of transportation and looks to incorporate more solar and wind energy into the power portfolio. Faulconer noted that “cities are leading the federal government” on climate and clean energy policy. “The technology is advancing incredibly quickly. We need to have our eyes wide open on this.”

“I believe that we have the opportunity to make San Diego one of the green energy and solar capitals of the world,” the mayor said. “We want a plan that is ambitious and leads the way for the rest of the country.”