As you know if you watch our social media feeds, republicEn.org’s Alex, Kevin and Wen spent the weekend at LibertyCon, a conference sponsored by Students for Liberty, a growing network of pro-liberty students from all over the world. Posted at a table situated serendipitously next to the climate denying Heartland Institute, the trio had a blast talking to passing by students both before and after they hit the hoaxsters.

“Ninety percent of the people we talked to see climate as posing threat. Great news for us, not so much for the guy sitting next to us,” Alex said. “The appetite for climate solutions was palpable.” Perhaps just as palpable as the excitement in his voice recounting this event.

“It was so exciting to meet and talk to libertarians who get the urgency of climate change and are passionate to talk about free market solutions,” said Wen. “People were willing to go on camera and talk about what climate solutions mean to them. The enthusiasm was infectious.”

“Libertarians rock,” added Kevin, in his usual soft-spoken economy of words.

At the event, Alex participated in the panel discussion “Markets not Mandates – Free Market Approaches to Clean Energy and Climate.” The lineup included Mark Pischea from Conservative Energy Network, Heather Reams from Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, Jason Saine from American Legislative Exchange Council. Some highlights from Alex’s remarks:

“Since we let the left have these issues for 28 years, energy policy has devolved into a game of political patronage…and what libertarians do best is tear down patronage. Let’s recalibrate the free enterprise system, get rid of patronage.”

“There has never been a major environmental law enacted in this country without Republican leadership and a Republican President.”

“We must fight the monopoly of the left on the environment. Libertarian free enterprise principles are the best and most efficient way to solve these problems.”

These are exciting times and republicEn.org feels lucky (and proud) to be part of the EcoRight, offering a safe space for conservatives to talk about climate change.