Speaking from New Hampshire, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said in an interview that “there has never been a time when the climate hasn’t been changing, and what percentage of that is due to man’s activity is not something there’s a consensus is on.”

“I’m a policymaker,” Rubio added. “My job is to go through the different solutions that they present to us. I can tell you that all the changes they’re presenting to us would do nothing, even according to the scientists, would do nothing to change our climate, especially in the United States, but would have a dramatic impact on our economy.”

“I refuse to support initiatives that will do nothing to impact the environment or the climate but would have a devastating impact on our economy,” Rubio said. “The scientists have already said that in terms of climate sensitivity there is not a global consensus on that and even now there is a dispute about what the targets should be… that’s what’s so nebulous about this whole debate.”

“I don’t support anything that would make America uncompetitive, especially if it doesn’t have any environmental benefit on the backside,” Rubio concluded.