Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson claimed “the climate hasn’t warmed in quite a few years” while comparing those who advocate for climate change solutions to Joseph Stalin and Fidel Castro.

“The whole climate change debate gives, and there are all kinds of quotes from adherents of and promoters of climate change, the reason they’re doing it is it’s such a great opportunity to control, you know, pretty much, government, and control your lives,” Johnson said on a radio show. “There’s an arrogance of power there that they’re utopians, that they really think they can create heaven on earth, and where it’s failed in the past, those people like Stalin and Chavez and the Castros, the nutcases in North Korea–by the way, if you want equal results, go to North Korea, you have equal misery.”

Johnson said it is “proven scientifically” that the earth hasn’t warmed. “That’s why they’ve changed the terminology from global warming to climate change–that covers everything,” Johnson said.

He faces a tough re-election against former Sen. Russ Feingold, whom he beat six years ago.