Washington GOP Senate candidate Chris Vance calls for the “need to take climate change, particularly ocean acidification, seriously.”

“But new technology is the key to protecting our climate, not new taxes on the American people,” he expounds. “Carbon taxes and cap and trade are not the answer. Raising taxes on energy will hurt our economy, and will not significantly reduce the amount of carbon emitted in America. And raising taxes on Americans will certainly do nothing to reduce carbon emissions in China and the rest of the developing world.”

Vance says “Instead, the federal government needs to invest heavily in the research and development of new technologies such as carbon capture and sequestration for power plants, low carbon fuels, more efficient cars and more electric vehicles, air capture of CO2 and ocean fertilization, and more progress on wind and solar technology.”

“We need new, bipartisan leadership on this issue,” he says.

Vance is the former Washington state GOP party chair.