GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke extensively to Bill O’Reilly about his position on climate change and clean energy.

When asked whether he believed in global warming, Trump responded: “I think that there will be little change here. It’ll go up. It’ll get a little cooler. It’ll get a little warmer like it always has for millions of years. It’ll get cooler, it’ll get warmer. It’s called weather.”

“I believe strongly in clean water and clean air,” Trump added. “I don’t believe what they say. I think [climate change] is a big scam for a lot of people to make a lot of money.”

With regard to investments in alternative fuel sources, Trump said, “I want to get away from the Middle East… I want to be able to be self sufficient for the country… We have a virtually unlimited supply of fuel right under our feet due to fracking and many other techniques that frankly are very new, and we are able to take care of ourselves.”

Trump noted that wind energy “is fine in certain locations…. the problem with wind is it needs tremendous subsidy.”

“I would spend money on certain things… you’ve got to make it economically viable.”

Entire interview found here: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4645149613001/donald-trump-on-climate-change-policy/?playlist_id=930909812001#sp=show-clips