Here at republicEn, we are made stronger by the passion, grit and determination of our members. With that spirit in mind, we are proud to highlight two of our own who wrote op-eds published this week in prominent newspapers.

Samuel Ressin, a freshman and Chancellor’s Scholar majoring in economics and statistics at the University of Pittsburgh, took the initiative to ask Rep. Bob Inglis to co-author a piece after meeting at an event in Pittsburgh. Out of their collaboration came A Conservative Answer on Climate Change, which ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “The challenge of climate change and the principles of conservatism are not mutually exclusive. In fact, a growing community of conservatives — from emerging young leaders to elder statesmen— has developed a solution for climate change, and it is based in free-enterprise fundamentals and conservation. This market-based approach doesn’t grow the government, instead providing a path for other heavily polluting countries to follow America’s lead,” the piece read.

Vernon Lindo, a rising sophomore at Cornell, is no stranger to writing. Last year, he penned a piece that ran in The Hill. Today, his essay, GOP Wise to Embrace Fight Against Climate Change, ran in the New Voices column of the Orlando Sentinel, his hometown paper. “As a Republican activist who has worked in conservative politics for more than five years, I strongly believe that the party should embrace the fight against climate change, not just because it is politically expedient, but because climate change hurts the conservative agenda,” he writes. The New Voices column features writers under 30 years old.

It’s not easy to get published, so join us in applauding these bright young En-siders!