New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who put the weight of his campaign behind a strong showing in New Hampshire that did not materialize on Tuesday, has suspended his campaign for the presidency.

Here is a glimpse of Gov. Christie’s climate position during the campaign.

“I’m a candidate in this race who has said I believe climate change is real and I believe human activity contributes to it. So now, what do we do is the question,” Christie said in a town hall meeting before the New Hampshire primary.

“What we should do is be investing in all types of energy,” he has said on numerous occasions, highlighting the approach New Jersey took to incentivize solar power.

When it came to labeling the issue a crisis however, the governor demurred. “I don’t buy the fact that it’s a crisis… I don’t see that there’s any evidence that there’s a crisis.”

Christie gave an enthusiastic “yes” to Kelsi Wolever when she asked him if free enterprise can solve climate change.