Earlier this week, California Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes sent a letter to that state’s Speaker of the Assembly requesting he appoint a Republican lawmaker to the newly created Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change. Mayes’ letter referenced a call for volunteers “who have a desire to work on issues of climate change [to] ask leadership [to] be part of” the Joint Legislative Committee.

“In light of this bipartisan offer, I am writing to request that I or another Republican Member of the Assembly be appointed to the Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies,” Mayes wrote.

The Assemblyman cited concerns and frustrations Californians have with the California Air Resources Board (CARB). “We hear over and over that its policies are increasing the cost of gasoline, electricity, and things we buy at the grocery store for families throughout California. Unfortunately those complaints fall on CARB’s deaf ears… For the new committee’s oversight role to have any legitimacy, however, it needs to be more than a one-party rubber stamp for the Board’s edicts.”

Mayes called for California’s climate change programs to be “fair, effective, and affordable.”

“Republicans believe that there should be a variety of perspectives on the Climate Change Policies Committee, and we look forward to adding our voice to the conversation,” the letter concluded.