On the campaign trail in New Hampshire, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie revealed details of his economic vision for the country, though he is yet to officially declare his candidacy. As for the energy sector, Gov. Christie pledged he would support a “pro-growth” energy strategy that “unlocks the full potential of the North American energy renaissance.” He added that his administration would not rely on regulation and vowed to revoke the Obama administration’s “most egregious and unlawful rules and executive orders.” Christie is an outspoken opponent of the power plant rules for new and existing sources proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. “Using a very novel interpretation of section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act – an interpretation which will of course be challenged in the courts – the administration is not only trying to prevent new coal-fired electric plants from being built, it is one-by-one trying to force the closure of existing plants,” he said in reference to the rules.